Parish Pastoral Council

ppcThe Parish Pastoral Council meets the third Tuesday of each month (except July & December) at 6:30 pm in the church conference room. Approved minutes are posted on the parish website.





John Schweitzer
Kim Dahlgren
(423) 767-5850



Nancy Flaherty
(423) 741-0055
Joe Maile
Joseph Maile
Marisol Mills
(813) 244-6766
Larua Willard
Laura Willard
Lucia Jank
Lucia Jank
(423) 282-3501
Laura Ballantyne
Finance Council Chair
George Imes
School Board Chair
Greg Schutte


Purpose and Aims

The purpose and aim of the PPC is to advise the pastor for the growth and betterment of the parish and to assist the pastor in formulating programs and policies to that end. The members of the council should be a praying community and by their example should lead the parish to a fuller life of prayer. They should be sensitive to the movement of the Spirit among the people of God in the parish and be truly representative of all members of the parish in their advice. They are to support the pastor in his role as shepherd of the parish. They should foster the unity in the,parish, encourage full participation of parishioners in parish life, and promote ongoing dialogue among the staff, parishioners, and the various parish organizations

PPC By-Laws