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30 Nov., 5:30 pm, St. Mary’s Church

Please pass along to anyone who you think could benefit from this service.
Create a Family Plan in the event of any arrest or detainment by Immigration. This will help protect your children, finances and assets. If they have any questions, they can contact Lupe at 423-943-8908. Free services are limited— so make your appointment as soon as possible!! By appointment only!!

‼️. Es limitado las cartas poderes gratis. Es solo con cita!
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Friends, we share a posting sent to us from Tracie Avila on Sunday evening:

“Whenever you do not understand what's happening in your life, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and say: "God, I know it is your plan. Just help me through it."

As we are discovering today we don't always have to like God's plan, but we do trust and honor our Lord's plan for us. As he has wrapped the Holy Spirit around and helped the kid's and I on this walk with Lou.

Lou Avila passed away just shortly after midnight today...the Lord's Day. I will so dearly miss my love of 29 years. The man with so much sweetness and kindess. Our children will truly miss their make-fun of Mommie partner, an amazing role model of how to be a father/parent and so many many beautiful qualities he helped instill.

I humbly ask that each one of our friends, past co-workers, BANDmates and fellow facebookers keep the kids and I in your thoughts and prayers as we enter this new phase without Lou.

With so much love and appreciation for all that have helped us. THANK YOU,
Lou's Crew- Tracie, Dessie and Louie & Kwanie”
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MATTHEW 25:14-30

Friends, today's Gospel gives us the challenging parable of the talents. A man goes on a journey, but before leaving he entrusts his money to three of his servants. To one he gives five talents, to a second, two, and to a third, one.

The first man trades with the five talents. The second does the same, and both receive a rich return on their investment. The third man cautiously buries his talent. When the owner returns, he praises the first two servants and gives them greater responsibilities, but the third man he upbraids.

Jesus loved to use examples drawn from the world of business. And he especially liked this dynamic of investment as a model of the spiritual life. The reason is clear, and I've said it to you often. God exists in gift form. Therefore, if you want his life in you, you have to learn to give it away. Think of the talents as everything that we've received from God—life, breath, being, powers. Because they come from God, they are meant to become gifts. If you cling to them, in the manner of the third servant, they don't grow; in fact, they wither away.
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Reminder that THIS WEEKEND (18-19 December) after ALL MASSES, our Catholic Paraclete Store has many Christmas/Advent items for sale. Come and find what your looking for. They can also order it for you. 👌🏼 Sale at St. Mary’s Church in Johnson City. ... See MoreSee Less

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