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Pray with Pope Francis

Pope FrancisDecember 2016

The Holy Father’s universal prayer intention for December is: “That the scandal of child soldiers may be eliminated the world over”.

His intention for evangelisation is: “That the peoples of Europe may rediscover the beauty, goodness and truth of the Gospel which gives joy and hope to life”.

Resource: Pope Francis’ prayer intentions for December, 30.11.2016 

Ordinary Time

The season of Ordinary Time, meaning ordered or numbered time, is celebrated in two segments: from the Monday following the Baptism of Our Lord up to Ash Wednesday; and from Pentecost Monday to the First Sunday of Advent. This makes it the largest season of the Liturgical Year.

The liturgical color of the season is green, the color of hope and growth. The Church invites us to meditate upon the whole mystery of Christ, His life, His miracles, His teachings, in light of His resurrection.